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  1. What should I do to participate in GPP?

    To participate in GPP you should fill out the request form and email it to us. You must include a link to your music or your performance. Links to your live performance videos are appreciated.
  2. What are your requirements for beginning musicians?

    GPP concerts take place in two formats large 6-7 hours concert on a big stage, with serious advertising resources and mass media involved, or a shorter concert in a small nightclub with a limited number of participants and smaller audience.
    Participation conditions for both types of concerts differ a lot, and should be discussed directly with GPP management team.
  3. Are there any special conditions for participants from other regions or countries?

    The ways how musicians from other regions (countries) may participate in GPP depend on their own goals and can vary a lot. As soon as GPP management team is deeply interested in a permanent collaboration with musicians from other regions (countries), all questions related to participation of such a musicians should be discussed in each case individually.
  4. Concerts take place several times a year. When its better to apply for participation and how do I know what concert I can get to?

    We accept applications anytime. As we get applications, we prepare a list of participants for the next concert. If you want to participate in a particular concert, say a smaller one, or a bigger one, or Ladies GPP, please mention it in the application form, in the field for additional information.
  5. Whats the minimal set duration to play at GPP?

    A set to be played at GPP should be at least 10 or 15 minutes long.
  6. Is it possible to play with a backing track or a whole live band required?

    You may play with a backing track as well as with a band; however, live performances are better appreciated.
  7. Are there any special requirements to a style of music I may play?

    No, you may play music in any style if its instrumental guitar-centered music.
  8. Do I have to play original music or covers of others songs are also acceptable?

    You dont need to play music you wrote yourself, you may play music written by others. However, those participants who play original music are to be considered first.
If you didnt find an answer to your question, or you have a new question after reading this page, you may send it to the GPP management team at
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